Gain Exposure to Industry Leaders
Your product will be tasted and evaluated by influential leaders in the wine and spirits industry, offering valuable exposure and potential networking opportunities.
Support a Meaningful Cause
By entering, you'll contribute to the mission of Camp Good Days & Special Times, enriching the lives of individuals affected by cancer or sickle cell anemia.
Showcased at Gala Event
Winning products will be prominently featured at the Camp Good Days Wine & Spirits Auction Gala, providing significant visibility and prestige.
Expand Audience Reach
Participation opens doors to new audiences, allowing your products and brand to be discovered by consumers who may not have encountered them otherwise.
Enhanced Promotion and Exposure
Winning products are extensively promoted on the competition's social media platforms and website, showcasing your brand to a wider audience. Additionally, medal-winning products may also have the opportunity to be poured at marketing events such as industry expos and gatherings, amplifying your brand's visibility and recognition within the industry.
Media Coverage
Winning products are featured in various magazine articles with support from media partners, further enhancing your brand's reputation and exposure.
Medals & Promotional Materials
Winners are awarded medals and provided with promotional materials, empowering you to showcase your achievements in your shop or tasting room, enhancing customer trust and loyalty.
Increased Prestige and Demand
By winning a medal, your product attains a higher level of prestige and recognition within the industry, This achievement signifies the quality and excellence of your offering, making it more sought after by consumers and retailers alike.