CMSCS; Advance Certification Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET)

María Laura Ortiz is a leading consultant on wines and drinks based on Mendoza Argentina. Sommelier, cook and bartender, Maria Laura is a press columnist, jury of prestigious international contests and member of the committee of Marketing of the Association of Sommellerie Internationale (ASI). Throughout her 3-year cycle as vice president of Argentine Association of Sommeliers (AAS), she had the decisive responsibility of being the General Coordinator at the World’s Best Sommelier contest — Argentina 2016. She works as Head Sommelier of Winifera, a company at the service of the wine, that specializes on reception of press and international critics, as well as coordinating rounds of international business. Maria Laura coordinates the tastings in Argentina for Guia Peñin, Palacio de Hierro and actively works with Tim Atkin MW. She has had Master Class on consulates, embassies and sommelier schools of Argentina and Latin America. Besides, she is a current member of the Directive Commission of the Argentine Association of Sommeliers (AAS), is an effective member of the International Wine Challenge and, since a few years ago, a jury on contests of wines, spirits and olive oils. Maria Laura is a regular columnist of Food Lovers, Wines of Argentina and collaborator on graphic and online media, such as Master Wine, Caminos del vino, Tiempo Argentino, Diario Los Andes, Clarín and AOL Brasil. She is a graduate of the Argentine School of Sommeliers, is a Certified Sommelier of the Court of Master Sommeliers CMS. and a qualified Sommelier on the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale ASI.