World-Renowned Judges (2017)


Oenologist; Wine Grower

Born in 1960 in a vine growers and wine makers family in the Champagne area, and more precisely in the village of Cramant, in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, where my father Paul and grandfather André were born as well. My father moved to Avize in 1961, where I still live and where I manage Champagne Paul Sugot, our winery founded in 1901 by my great-grandfather Paul Sugot. I obtained my viticultural technician graduation in 1984 and my œnologist graduation in 1986. I've been managing our domain since 1987 and I now share my wine making responsibilities with my son Charles.  We are "Récoltant-Manipulant" (it means grower and wine maker) and we only grow Chardonnay on 12.6 acres with a production of about 13,000-15,000 bottles/year.



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